Grass Fed Lamb


The main livestock here at Black Rock Farm is our closed flock of Hair Sheep.
We are dedicated in producing pastured lambs of superior quality right here in the hills of Black Rock, Pennsylvania. We raise our lambs on green pasture and forest using rotational grazing so that they always have lush, fresh grass to eat and always are tended with the utmost care to insure humane and healthy conditions for them to grow. We feed them no grain. This results in happy and healthy lambs whose meat is not only tender and delectable, but also healthful because it’s high in omega-3 fatty acids.
The price of our free range grass fed lambs is $2.75/lb live weight for 2021. In 2021, our lambs will ranged in weight from about 40 to 90 lbs. plus when and as available. Our sheep will go on average 120 lbs. plus and again as available. You may on farm slaughter or transport your selection to the slaughterhouse of your choice. The slaughterhouse charges a separate fee for slaughtering, cutting, and wrapping. You have the option of giving the slaughterhouse cutting instructions and must make your own arrangements for pickup of your processed lamb. The weight of the carcass (meat and bones) from lambs of this size is about 40% of the live weight.
We honor and respect All Traditions and Religious Practices.
Black Rock Farm also has On-Farm Slaughter for those wanting to
slaughter their own Purchased Lambs right here on the farm.
Send us e-mail with your contact phone number (see Contact Us Link in the above Menu Bar) for current availability of lambs or any other questions you may have.
Make sure you have enough freezer space.
About 2 cubic feet are needed for a whole lamb in the form of wrapped and frozen cuts of meat.


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