Egg Farm Factory

Well it is Spring and with that starts the abundance of egg laying.
What better time to start up and get going the Egg Farm Factory!

…and since things do get kind of slow over the winter with many of the egg workers getting laid off, it is a Great Time for some cleaning and fixing!
…so here is what maintenance got done installing only the latest in advance technology of egg laying equipment before even any of the workers are
brought back to full time egg laying…
…and as always checking to be sure that the utmost care has been
implemented in our engineering of ergonomic design for
the safety and health of our
Egg Laying Employees!

So if you were considering starting your own egg factory,
here are a few suggestions how to get the most out of your factory workers!


First thing early in the morning, Call a Meeting!
…discuss the day’s plans on what you would like to see accomplished!
…and it helps to provide some snacks,
maybe a scoop or two of some good grains, maybe some veggie trimmings, some worms, a little corn, etc.


…and always be positive for a job well done for providing free ranged organic nutrient dense eggs for the dinner table is not an easy job!
…there are all sorts of inherited Dangers that comes with the profession…
FOX, HAWKS and WEASELS just to name a few!

…and always make sure you offer your egg laying employees plenty of time for breaks and outside activities, including possible on site exercise programs…
chicken break
…so remember if you decide to industrialize your eggs and start your own
Egg Farm Factory
that there is tons of good instructive information on the web
on how to do it SUSTAINABLE and HEALTHY!
SOW Good Luck and Happy Spring said the Factory Egg Farmer!

…and always take the time to see how your egg laying employees are doing!