Evapotranspiration – The Water Cycle

What is evapotranspiration? …as defined by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
If you search for the definition of evapotranspiration, you will find that it varies. In general, evapotranspiration is the sum of evaporation and transpiration. Some definitions include evaporation from surface-water bodies, even the oceans. But, since we have a Web page just about evaporation, our definition of evapotranspiration will not include evaporation from surface water. Here, evapotranspiration is defined as the water lost to the atmosphere from the ground surface, evaporation from the capillary fringe of the groundwater table, and the transpiration of groundwater by plants whose roots tap the capillary fringe of the groundwater table. 

I got the thought that we have finally reached the tipping point

of killing off all of our vegetation’s…

Maybe not in my lifetime yet with our path we have chosen

with chemically raised food… well eventually …

How you ask… well you need to put on your thinking caps for a second

and close your eyes and imagine your mind’s eye

travelling from coast to coast

with what is about to take place on all of acres being planted on FARMLAND…

Well think about the gozillion gallons of water mixed Glyphosate

being spread everywhere.


Now think about this word…


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Evapotranspiration – The Water Cycle

I am quite certain that with the heat of the day,

as all of these tractors are spraying that vegetation,

that all of the chemicals do not stay on the intended plant 

and again becomes airborne. 

In Vapors, Transpiration, Condensation in the noon day’s sun…

and again goes through the water cycle to be sprayed once more. 

Once more by the laws of nature

except this time like ACID RAIN

it is being suspended in the moisture of condensation

as well as it was suspended in the tank of that original sprayer.

…then eventually spreading N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine

in raindrops on

EVERYTHING under the Sun!

Now with the cumulative effect of all of those tractors spraying


 is unlike ever before done in this once Natural World!

Quantities that the scales are tipped for mass eradication!

… in the form of rain falling back again and again and again as the cycle goes on and on.

It is the only thing that I can imagine as to why the Woods

that I have spent a LIFTIME of over 60 years

in more then out of look so Sick!

…even beyond the damage being done by Industrial Pollutants.

…even beyond the issue of runoff into the streams of

N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine by industrialized Agriculture.

NOW it seems no matter where I go…

It is the only way that I could imagine such a large area


could be being effected with what

looks like stressed out weak and dying too young trees.

…for example the extensive amount of Trees

with very weak root structure

causing them to fall or break with alarming rate.

It is as though trees can no longer sequester carbon…

It is as though trees can no longer utilize a specific enzyme

that they need in order to grow.

…or have very weak immune system that has been taken over

by fungus rotting them in too short of time IMHO.

…look around and THINK to see if you see it too.

…now I don’t mean to be asking someone that

has not been alive to observed for over several decades…

One just can’t see what or imagine what it was like to have

JUST BLUE SKIES and lush green Healthy vegetation

in one’s short lifetime! 

I suspect it is difficult to see just this final part of careless efforts to work against

the natural world that has been going on for some time slowly.

Why I imagine for some reading this can not remember a time

when the evening sky was just darker shade of blue and not orange.

…or there were not children as now with as many childhood respiratory diseases

…anyways I may be wrong so just remember the word


It may just help to explain a lot if the young get a chance

to observe over a lifetime I am thinking. 

…well after I’m gone.