An Arrow, A Young Buck & Venison Marsala


Well it is that time of year when the leaves fall and the arrows fly! Yes it is Archery for deer in the hills of Black Rock and I suspect over the next few weeks hunting will be on top of the todo list around here as we are visited by friends and neighbors seeking an elusive trophy buck or just some deer bologna for the frig!

Now with that thought in mind…

First I thought it would be nice to take some time and share some information
about deer hunting in Pennsylvania for those that may be interested in spending some time
wandering the hills and valleys of Penn’s Woods in pursuit.
…and with that…

Here is a great insight to get you started with the basics of what you need
to know by reading the tons of information on

“Pennsylvania Game Commission Info. on Deer”

…and don’t forget to visit this next page as it too has tons of information
to make anyone a better hunter because an educated hunter is a



…and with a bit of effort, some special time and just the right amount of luck,
one of your arrows may hit it’s mark and you’ll spend the evening
preparing your bounty as has been the case
many past eves in the hills of Black Rock…




…as these days of hunting this season pass, I keep thinking Venison on the grill…
… yes there is nothing else like…

“VENISON MARSALA BackWoods Style!”

(click above to view video)

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